Other Programs

Siblings Connect

In partnership with “Fostering Great Ideas Sib-Link program,” this effort brings separated siblings together once monthly, for outings to continue the family bond.

Miniature Horse Visits

Live hug and pet miniature horse tours with Orphanages, Schools, Hospitals, Senior Centers, Veterans Center, and Rehab Centers.


Our camps combine 6 days of our Equine Assisted Learning curriculums with a hands-on educational piece in environmental awareness to inspire change in connection with animals, our planet and each other.


Communication and Relationship Building for Low Income and Homeless Families. Our 5 week Family Herd Series engages families and promotes a healthy family dynamic.


Weekend Team Building Retreats a 2 day retreat that includes 4 to 6 of our Equine assisted learning curriculums to build better communication and relationships.

Mentorship Programs

Teaching connection, compassion, and confidence. To engage youth ages 8-18 to reduce trauma-related behaviors and promote healthy mental well-being and skills development. This 12-week program offers one-on-one mentoring or group skills development in partnership with horses.

Education in Sustainability, Regenerative Agriculture Practices & Learning how to mindfully coexist with the Earth is also a key element to the Daisy Chain offerings.

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