We thank you very much for your donation and are extremely grateful for your generosity and support. This helps us feed and care for our wonderful teachers, the horses! These horses are not useless even if they cannot do the job they were born or trained to do and deserve the life your donation gives them.

The foster children who endure trauma’s and tribulations through no fault of their own deserve to feel loved and accepted by these wonderful teachers and your donation also supports our programs that support them. Your tax deductible gift will go directly to caring for the horses or sponsoring a foster child for our camps or sibling connection programs.

You can improve the lives of horses and children by making either a one off donation or set up a monthly donation by credit/debit card. Any amount is welcome!

Please Mail Check Donations to:
Daisy Chain Sanctuary
1246 Locust St.
Denver, Colorado 80301

Donate with Credit or Debit Card

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Other Ways To Donate

Wish List

If you’d rather provide supplies over a monetary donation, your generosity helps provide much-needed items for our horses. We appreciate donations of the supplies below to help keep our horses comfortable and healthy. Donations can be brought to us or pick-up can be arranged by contacting us.

3 horse bumper pull slant or stock trailer

Round Pen (Green horse panels to build a large round pen)

Bale Barn

Western Saddle

English Saddle

Kids Saddle (pony saddle)

Pony Cart

Skid Steer or Tractor

Misc. building materials

Solar Powered Electric Fence