Meet the Team

Susan Parker

Founder and Executive Director

Specialties: Horse Advocate, Environmental Steward, Recruitment, Sponsorship

Susan is the Founder of Daisy Chain, Daisy was born in her arms and inspired her to start this journey. She has over 30 years of experience with horses starting with a pony named Applejack. Horses have always been there to help her heal and grow as a person, in turn she always shared her horses with friends and family which led her to the Daisy Chain concept.

Susan is also very passionate about sustainable and healthy living, leading her to attend the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico and to volunteer to help build an Earthship in Salida, Colorado. This experience lit a fire in Susan to take her dream of a sustainable horse rescue and camp/retreat to the next level.

With the support of friends and family and driving for Lyft for the last five years, talking to over 10000 passengers about Daisy Chain, she found a great team (or did the team find her?) to make this dream a reality.

Amber Tarver

Social Media Guru

Specialties: Marketing, Social Media, Fundraising, Agriculture Advocate, Agriculture Programming

Amber Tarver, Marketing Board Member and Agricultural Assistant, is a native to Colorado and has always had a passion for nature, people and animals. She sees endless innovation and potential in how we can work together to better enhance our existence on this planet. Having created a profession of marketing and sales in the corporate business realm for nearly a decade, she organically found herself wanting more, which landed herself in a pivotal conversation with visionary Susan Parker about the dream of Daisy Chain Sanctuary.

As a fellow visionary and entrepreneur Amber finds herself very aligned with this organization’s long term goals and values and sees a bright future for Daisy Chain. You can find her buried deep in social media promotions and networking, or teaching our Agricultural programs to our students of varied backgrounds. In her free time she loves creating music, art, spending time with family, mycology and reminding everyone of their power.

Jim Chimes


Specialties: Accounting, Taxes, Financial

Jim has been a member of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for 45 years and brings with him many years of experience working with nonprofits in outreach, fundraising and accounting. He has seen the American people become more and more disconnected from each other and the creation that sustains us. He has been here from the start and joined us in 2017 because he believes Daisy Chain is an opportunity to create change.

Richard Mosko

Agricultural Programming Manager

Richard Mosko (board member and leader of the Agriculture committee) has loved being in close touch with nature, wildlife and pets since he was able to open his eyes. From being carried on mushroom foraging trips as an infant, to rehabbing an injured snapping turtle at age 5 to volunteering at the roundup for the national bison range in Montana at age 24 (and so on), he has a wide variety of experiences with the natural world. Richard loves to study mycology and horticulture and educate all ages on the benefits of working together with the fungi and plant and animal kingdoms and has a strong passion for creating a positive human impact on all wildlife. When not busy with these activities, Richard loves to make and observe music and artwork and share with the community. Richard’s experience as a vet technician/assistant and managing many operations in boarding facilities/daycares also makes him a valuable asset when any animals need care.

Ashley Dellinger

Board Member

Specialties: Marketing, Fundraising, Forecasting, ROI Modeling, Negotiating, Strategic Growth

Ash met Susan in the Spring of 2021 and was immediately drawn to what she and the Daisy Chain team were working towards. Ash’s passion for helping at-risk youth paired with her love for animals compelled her to get involved.

By day, she works as the Vice President of Digital Transformation & Solutions Engineering for a supply chain logistics software platform. By night, she works on GetIggy — a real estate tech start-up in stealth mode, which she founded in March of 2021. “By weekend”, she works with Susan and the team to help grow Daisy Chain from an idea to a great impact on the Greater Denver community. She also serves on the University of Georgia’s Supply Chain Advisory Board.

With a diverse background in marketing and real estate technology paired with logistics, she works with the Daisy Chain organization to “help move pieces into place”.

Ash lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with her “semi-spouse”, Craig, and their two fur babies: a Maine Coon named Todd, who she rescued from an intersection in Los Angeles, and their “mutt cat” named Iguana (aka Iggy). Iggy is, of course, the inspiration for the name “GetIggy”. In her free time, you can find her with Craig on the golf course or out on Lake Norman.