A sanctuary for horses, for people, for our planet.

Daisy Chain Sanctuary believes we are each perfectly imperfect links in the Daisy Chain of life, and that together we can heal, love, and grow. We offer paths of interactive and hands on learning that empower growth in compassion and confidence through connection with horses, the earth and each other.

Our Pillars of Empowerment

Connection      Compassion      Confidence

All of the activities at our camps are centered around these pillars with the goal to create a chain of trust, integrity and gratitude, while students learn by having fun with horses and playing in the dirt!

  • Horse Sanctuary

    All horses deserve to be loved, whether they are young, old, handicapped or retired. We aim to adopt horses that are past their prime,
    handicapped, or just too old to do the job they were trained to do and give them a new job teaching people how heal, love and grow.

  • Let′s Talk Eco

    We’re talking so much more than sustainability. It’s teaching a lifestyle

  • Helping Kids

    Our goal is to help kids build and foster better relationships

  • Respect for our Earth

    We LOVE our Earth and want to protect it for future generations!