A Sanctuary for Horses, People, and Our Planet


Equine Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado

Daisy Chain believes we are each perfectly imperfect links in the daisy chain of life and together we can heal love and grow in our equine sanctuary.

Our Pillars of Empowerment

Connection ~ Compassion ~ Confidence

Daisy Chain provides a loving equine sanctuary that empowers people to grow in compassion and confidence through connection with horses, the earth, and each other. All of the activities at our camps are centered around our pillars of empowerment with the goal of creating a chain of trust, integrity, and gratitude, while students learn by having fun with horses and playing in the dirt!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a loving sanctuary where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can cultivate compassion and confidence through the innate bond between horses and humans, while deepening connections with the earth and each other.

Our Vision

Daisy Chain Sanctuary is a sanctuary for horses, people and our planet.

We aim to build a sanctuary that will not only positively influence the lives of horses that are deemed useless by no fault of their own, but the lives of children and adults who in turn can make positive changes in their influence on our planet.

At Daisy Chain Sanctuary, we harness the divine intelligence of horses to create transformative experiences. Our mission is simple but profound: we help people heal, love, and grow through meaningful connections with these majestic beings. Imagine a sanctuary where the gentle presence of horses becomes a powerful catalyst for personal growth and compassion. Our programs, centered around the therapeutic bond between humans and horses, offer a unique journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re seeking healing, looking to foster love, or aspiring to grow personally, Daisy Chain Sanctuary provides a nurturing space where horses become not just companions, but guides on your path to a more fulfilled and connected life. Join us in this extraordinary journey of empowerment and discover the profound impact that the divine intelligence of horses can have on your well-being.

Core Values

Our core values are enveloped in unconditional love and happiness;

  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Generosity

Equine Sanctuary in Lafayette, Colorado

Our Partners

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I was so pleased with my children's experience at Daisy Chain. I saw positive growth in their personalities, and appreciation of our world. I saw growth in their creativity and calm in their interactions. I highly recommend!

Philip Falco

Daisy Chain Sanctuary is dear to my five children and I. With special needs; to find an accepting place that is healthy, fun, and challenging is very important to us. We are blessed to have Daisy Chain Sanctuary in our lives!

Sarah Albrecht-Walter

A wonderful opportunity to learn , grow, and socialize

Terry Schiltz Forman

Upcoming Events

Trusted Equine Sanctuary in Lafayette, Colorado

What We Offer

We specialize in a wide range of equine sanctuary services that go beyond ordinary equestrian facilities. Our offerings incorporate fun and educational experiences tailored to foster deeper connections between humans and horses.

Our equine sanctuary for horses features both outdoor and indoor arenas for horse riding lessons meticulously designed for different levels of riders. We take quality care to provide unique programs like Daisy Chain Hug a Horse Pop-In, Pickles with Littles, Team Building Retreats and many more.

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Enjoy unforgettable moments with our Magical Mini Horse Visits, Magical Mini Horse Parties, and the alluringly creative Magical Mini Horse Painting Parties. Animal lovers get an opportunity for a delightful Photo Shoot with our horses or engage in Equine Assisted Learning sessions which are therapeutic experiences empowering personal growth.

Experience the joy of watching preschool children interact lovingly during the Pickles with Pre-Schoolers program. Finally, we ensure excellent care for our animal residents through comprehensive Equine Husbandry Lessons imparted by experienced professionals in the field.

At Daisy Chain Sanctuary, we’re not just a sanctuary; we’re a community built on compassion, creativity, and authenticity. Join us to embrace the love that emanates from our horses and the transformative power of equine connections. Your journey starts here.

Our Amazing Services

Personal and
Skills Development
Horse Back
Riding Lessons
Group Trips
For Girls Scouts, Schools (Field Trips)