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Daisy Chain believes we are each perfectly imperfect links in the daisy chain of life and together we can heal love and grow.

Daisy Chain provides a loving sanctuary that empowers people to grow in compassion and confidence through connection with horses, the earth and each other.

All of the activities at our camps are centered around our pillars of empowerment with the goal to create a chain of trust, integrity and gratitude, while students learn by having fun with horses and playing in the dirt!

Our Pillars of Empowerment

Connection ~ Compassion ~ Confidence


Daisy Chain was an awesome program for both myself, as a volunteer, and my 11 year old daughter, as a participant. My daughter had a great time learning about animals, nature and why it's important to respect both as well as her peers. I highly recommend Daisy Chain to anyone and everyone!


Daisy Chain Sanctuary is dear to my five children and I with special needs; to find an accepting place that is healthy and fun, therapeutic and challenging is very important to us. We are blessed to have Daisy Chain Sanctuary in our lives!


Working with the kids at Daisy Chain was a wonderful experience.  I was able to see growth within many of the children from day 1 & day 6.  I saw some find their voices and some overcome fears.  Some children found ways to connect with humans after learning to connect with the animals.