Susan Parker

Founder and Executive Director

Specialties: Horse Advocate, Environmental Steward, Recruitment, Sponsorship

Susan is the Founder of Daisy Chain, Daisy was born in her arms and inspired her to start this journey. She has over 30 years of experience with horses starting with a pony named Applejack. Horses have always been there to help her heal and grow as a person, in turn she always shared her horses with friends and family which led her to the Daisy Chain concept.

Susan is also very passionate about sustainable and healthy living, leading her to attend the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico and to volunteer to help build an Earthship in Salida, Colorado. This experience lit a fire in Susan to take her dream of a sustainable horse rescue and camp/retreat to the next level.

With the support of friends and family and driving for Lyft for the last five years, talking to over 10000 passengers about Daisy Chain, she found a great team (or did the team find her?) to make this dream a reality.

Meet Susan Parker

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