Richard Mosko

Agricultural Programming Manager

Specialties: Agriculture Programming, Marketing, Social Media, Fundraising, Agriculture Advocate

Richard Mosko (board member and leader of the Agriculture committee) has loved being in close touch with nature, wildlife and pets since he was able to open his eyes. From being carried on mushroom foraging trips as an infant, to rehabbing an injured snapping turtle at age 5 to volunteering at the roundup for the national bison range in Montana at age 24 (and so on), he has a wide variety of experiences with the natural world. Richard loves to study mycology and horticulture and educate all ages on the benefits of working together with the fungi and plant and animal kingdoms and has a strong passion for creating a positive human impact on all wildlife. When not busy with these activities, Richard loves to make and observe music and artwork and share with the community. Richard’s experience as a vet technician/assistant and managing many operations in boarding facilities/daycares also makes him a valuable asset when any animals need care.