Amber Tarver

Social Media Guru

Specialties: Marketing, Social Media, Fundraising, Agriculture Advocate, Agriculture Programming

Amber Tarver, Marketing Board Member and Agricultural Assistant, is a native to Colorado and has always had a passion for nature, people and animals. She sees endless innovation and potential in how we can work together to better enhance our existence on this planet. Having created a profession of marketing and sales in the corporate business realm for nearly a decade, she organically found herself wanting more, which landed herself in a pivotal conversation with visionary Susan Parker about the dream of Daisy Chain Sanctuary. As a fellow visionary and entrepreneur Amber finds herself very aligned with this organization’s long term goals and values and sees a bright future for Daisy Chain. You can find her buried deep in social media promotions and networking, or teaching our Agricultural programs to our students of varied backgrounds. In her free time she loves creating music, art, spending time with family, mycology and reminding everyone of their power.