Pilot Program

Daisy Chain Sanctuary believes we are each perfectly imperfect links in the Daisy Chain of life, and together we can heal, love, and grow. We offer paths of interactive and hands on learning with horses, each other, and the land.

Our pilot program was a huge success thanks to our donors, volunteers and hardworking team! We had 9 kids ranging in age from 7 to 13 for six days of connection, healing and fun.

The kids worked with horses for half of the day and the other half they spent learning about regenerative practices (sustainability) and what we can do to help the planet heal. We had a theme for each day that was discussed and tied into the curriculums.


Day 1

Love and connection

Day 2

Respect and Honor

Day 3

Trust and Compassion

Day 4

Confidence and Fearlessness

Day 5

Patience and Partnership

Day 6

Integrity and Gratitude

The children would get dropped off at the farm at 9 am. The day started with us discussing the theme and asking each of the children what the theme meant for them and how it came up in their lives. Then they were broken up into groups of 4 and 5 by age. The pictures below give a good overview of the camp.


Group Meditation & Recess




Blindfolded Leading

Obstacle Course Leading

Partnership Game


Intuitive Healing – Join Up

Horse Painting


Todd from NREL teaches about greenhouse gases, our carbon footprint, and making smores in a solar oven!

Mike from the City of Arvada Nature Center teaches that all animals are important for the ecosystem and brings some snakes.