Protect Our Nature

Our Mission

Daisy Chain provides a loving sanctuary that empowers people to grow in compassion and confidence through connection with horses, the earth and each other.

Our Vision

Creating a sanctuary for people, horses and our planet.

How We Started

My dream of having a horse rescue camp/retreat involves teaching children and adults about community, sustainability and the value of working hard to sustain a living without burdening the earth. I believe we have lost a sense of community in society today and would love the opportunity to enlighten children and adults to the wonderful world of horses, Earthships and sustainable farming. More than that we will have a music and arts center where the children and adults can learn an art in an open and creative environment. Which in turn would lead to mini festivals where all of these things can be shared and appreciated. This would also include retreats where hikes, backpacking or horse back riding out into the back-country occur frequently. Although the dream started with Daisy, it is augmented by my passion for sustainable living and a desire to grow my own food. Sustainability means living a lifestyle that maintains conditions where humans and nature can co-exist in productive harmony. This entails utilizing resources close to home in addition to recycling and reusing items that deplete these resources. It also means producing what is necessary for living a healthy lifestyle without burdening the earth or relying heavily on monetary supplementation.