Corporate Sponsors and Supporters

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and supporters for their contribution to Daisy Chain Sanctuary. Sponsors who are passionate about saving horses’ lives can provide charitable donations, goods and services, gifts of auction and raffle prizes, or help support our events by raising awareness of Daisy Chain Sanctuary. These companies that offer their time, resources, and expertise are crucial to our work. We are grateful to the incredible people behind these establishments!


Involve Your Company

Our generous corporate partners don’t just provide financial support to Daisy Chain Sanctuary – they help raise awareness of our cause through brand alignment and by promoting our goals and key messages through their advertising and media channels to customers, suppliers and staff. At Daisy Chain Sanctuary, we offer our corporate partners the opportunity to connect with their customers and staff through a shared passion for horses and foster children.

If you are a corporate organisation looking to give back to the community and/or partner with a loved and trusted charity organisation, there are a variety of ways to get involved with the Daisy Chain Sanctuary.

Corporate Donations

Making regular or one-off donations is a huge boost to the work that Daisy Chain Sanctuary does. Donations can be from a philanthropic budget the business has, a campaign to raise funds via your customers, or from a fundraising event your staff have conducted.

Donation of Products or Services

If your company is able to provide goods and services that will help Daisy Chain Sanctuary to reduce its operational costs, this can be a wonderful way to help us continue in our mission to care for the horses.

Sponsor an Event

Daisy Chain Sanctuary runs fundraising events throughout the year to raise vital fund. Sponsorship packages are available depending on the desired level of involvement, from prize to naming rights sponsorship.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support Daisy Chain Sanctuary, allowing your employees to regularly donate to Daisy Chain Sanctuary straight from their pre-tax pay. Many businesses choose to financially match their employee donations dollar for dollar, or as a percentage of the total amount raised. This is a great incentive for your employees to be involved and signals to them that their commitment to the welfare of horses and foster children is equalled by their employer.

Make a Corporate Donation

If your company would like to support the horses and foster children, a corporate donation is a great option if you don’t want to become a sponsor, or get your staff involved in fundraising. All contributions are greatly appreciated and your donation is tax deductible!

Fundraise with your Staff and Colleagues

Staff fundraising is great for boosting morale and team building. Your team or your business can help support Daisy Chain Sanctuary by hosting a fundraising event at work. From cupcake sales to morning teas and fun runs, there’s something for everyone.

Host a Collection Box

You can help out financially by having a Daisy Chain Sanctuary collection box in your office, shop or business to collect change. This money can then be deposited directly into our bank account or collected by a volunteer.

Cause-Related Marketing

By contributing a dollar or percentage amount per sale to Daisy Chain Sanctuary, you can offer your customers the chance to support us. Cause-related marketing campaigns are a proven successful model of corporate partnership, enhancing your brand while also supporting the important work of not-for-profit organisations.


We sometimes need volunteers to help out with odd jobs or to complete large projects. Whether you volunteer as an individual, or as part of a work group, your support is much appreciated.

Become a Sponsor or Supporter



Daisy Chain was an awesome program for both myself, as a volunteer, and my 11 year old daughter, as a participant. My daughter had a great time learning about animals, nature and why it's important to respect both as well as her peers. I highly recommend Daisy Chain to anyone and everyone!


Daisy Chain Sanctuary is dear to my five children and I with special needs; to find an accepting place that is healthy and fun, therapeutic and challenging is very important to us. We are blessed to have Daisy Chain Sanctuary in our lives!


Working with the kids at Daisy Chain was a wonderful experience.  I was able to see growth within many of the children from day 1 & day 6.  I saw some find their voices and some overcome fears.  Some children found ways to connect with humans after learning to connect with the animals.